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Hello everybody,

and WELCOME to this post, which is about the 3 easiest languages to learn.


This is a tough one to explain. Why you may ask? Well there are currently about 6900 languages that are spoken in the world today! This makes this post a bit hard, since how do you define EASIEST LANGUAGE.

In the graphic below, you see approximately 34 languages, being spoken in 5 continents.


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Well let me start by listing the TOP 10 languages spoken today. The numbers below are estimated numbers. The numbers represent the language spoken as a 1st language.

1. Chinese -about 1.2 Billion

2. Spanish – about. 400 Million. Remember that the Spanish fleet was the biggest and most powerful maritime force in the world in the 16th and 17th centuries and possibly the world`s largest navy at the end of the 16th century and in the early 17th century. Their most remarkable discovery was probably the Discovery of America.
3. English–         340  Million

4. Hindi–             850  Million – 1,2 Billion

5. Arabic-           243  Million
6. Portuguese-  203  Million
7. Bengali-         190  Million
8. Russian-        160  Million
9. Japanese-     125  Million

10. German- 95 Million speak German as a first language.10-20 Million as 2 nd. And 75-100 Million speak German as a foreign language. So the total number of German speakers around the world totals about 175-220 Million people.


  • I only want to list the TOP 10 languages, since it would take way too much time to list the remaining 6890.


  • There are 2 other languages I do want to mention as well. One is in the TOP 20and is French. It is spoken by about 76 Million people, and has an integrated language translating button in the NYC app, if you want to learn ENGLISH with the NYC app. The other is Italian, which is spoken by about 61 Million people, so definitely in the TOP 30 languages spoken today.


  • Italian and French are the two languages that for me, just sound “beautiful” and so flowing, that it’s a pleasure just listening to people when they are speaking these wonderful languages.


So which are the 3 easiest languages to learn?


Well I think that 4 factors play a significant role in this. These are:

1 .) Your age!

If you are  YOUNG than learning pretty much anything is easy,or lets say easier then when you get older. I wrote about that in my other post. Please click here.


2.) Genetics:

It depends on your ability to LEARN languages easily or not. Some people have an ease to learn languages, others have a hard time, since it is partly a genetic thing (please don’t argue it is not…because 2 decades of research make it clear that genetics is a surprisingly large part of the answer for both learning abilities and learning disabilities ) and partly an ability that just some people HAVE or develop over time.

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My daughter is currently learning Czech and German at the same time. At home, we only speak English. In school it is mostly English, but they also have Tagalog as their native language, which she really struggles with. Why, I always wonder. Well maybe because the dialect spoken in this part of the Philippines is not Tagalog, but another! So in the class room they learn one dialect, but another is spoken on the street. There are over 600 dialects spoken in the Philippines.


3.)Mother Tongue:

I believe that certain languages are easier to learn than others, depending on your WHAT your mother tongue is. For example. If your mother tongue is English, German will be fairly easy to learn, since the 2 languages share a close relationship to each other. English is / was a GERMANIC language, and the two languages share many similar words with each other to this day. Kindergarten is just one of many. Learning Arabic or Chinese will be more difficult for most people, if your mother tongue is English.


The same goes for many languages out there. Another example would be Russian. If your mother tongue is Russian, than trying to learn another “Slavic” language will be fairly easy. So trying to learn Polish or Czech should be and will be much easier to learn, than Arabic or Japanese. Again there are exemptions to this. Some just might LOVE to learn Russian, even if their mother tongue is Japanese.



So maybe a final motive to learn another language, and have a great time and no problem learning it, no matter what your mother tongue is, even if you come from the other side of the planet, is the motive LOVE. This might be the LOVE for the language itself, because you just fell in love with it, or a person who you met, and just fell in love with!

Naturally you want to understand them, and learning that language makes all the sense in the world for YOU. Since you will put not only your MIND into it, but also your HEART, it will most likely be very easy to learn that language, or any language for that matter. Love can be a very powerful motivation to LEARN ! ( Or do other crazy things…I am sure you know what I mean by that.)


So basically there are, at least for me NO 3 definitive languages that are the easiest to learn! If I just might point out that in my case, MOVING around the globe was one reason why I just learned the language where I was going to school to. I think that even if we had moved to China, Japan or Sweden, or any other country for that matter, I would have learned ANY language in that time, at that age, and because I would have had no choice, but to learn it.




So it just depends on YOUR personal situation, your age, your genes, your motivation, and probably one or more other factors, that I do not know, nor understand, to why certain 3  languages would be easy to learn LEARN for YOU and to someone else these 3 languages would be very hard to learn.



As I am now living about 9 years in the Philippines, I have to be honest and say I have NOT learned neither the so called National language, which is FILIPINO, nor the local accent, since just about any intelligent person here speaks enough English for me to get my point across and get what I want. Due to the fact that English is their OFFICIAL 2nd language in most, if not all Government branches, most private schools, and any kid who goes to school can speak and understand basic English. I guess I was just to lazy to learn it, or maybe just too busy at the time.


This is a very interesting subject, and I will get into it much deeper on my new website, which will be called My LIFE/HOME is a suitcase. Here I will talk about HOW my life and all the moving around the world affected me. The work that I had to change and the friends that I made and lost when I moved again and again and again! I will talk and explain what advantages it has to move and work in certain countries, how most immigration problems were easy to overcome and what the advantages and disadvantages are, when you are living and working in these countries, like the Philippines, USA, Canada and some European countries, like Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic.


Please have a look at my Facebook page and leave your comment there or even right here in the comment section.


Just in case you want to learn ANY other language and not English, which the NYC app was designed for, here is a  link where 41 languages can be learned at the beginner level. This is not bad and its for FREE to learn. It is similar to NYC English, just not as comprehensive as NYC. I consider this not bad to start with, if you want to learn a language like Czech, Russian, Chinese etc. Please CLICK HERE. Thanks!


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2 Responses

  1. Kevin

    Nice article! I learned Spanish back in High School, thinking I may end up somewhere that I would need it for a job. I never did and ended up losing some of it. I can understand it being the 2nd largest language, but I thought there would be more English speaking people since the United Kingdom governed much of the world at one time.

    • admin

      Hi Kevin,

      thanks for your comment on my site. I learned Spanish while working and living in Spain. Its not perfect, but in 5 years I learned more than enough to get by. And sorry to say, but there are more Spanish speaking folks than English. English is just THE LANGUAGE for business.

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