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So you have decided to check out this post and find out which are the 3 awesome languages to know-and to learn. Thank you.


Let’s start with the most obvious choice: ENGLISH


  • WHY? Well English as I explained in my entire site is the business language of the world and will be the leading language in the future that most people will speak. 2 Billion are learning it, as I type these words. It is spoken in 54 countries as the official language. 5 countries have it as their 1st language. These are USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand and Australia. Countries where English is spoken as a 2nd language are:



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  • The list goes on and on where else English is being used and spoken. Please go to here to see the picture that illustrates just that.

So as English is the most obvious choice for the majority, we do have 2 other languages to consider.


   The 2nd one has to be: SPANISH


  • The importance of Spanish especially in Europa is underestimated I believe. But if you have lived in the United States, specifically in Miami, Florida, or Los Angeles, or New York to be precise, and I am sure there are many more Hispanic or Spanish speaking neighborhoods in the US, where Millions of people do speak Spanish.
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  • A typical example is Miami. I lived in Miami Beach for almost 11 years. When I moved there from Spain, I immediately felt like “HOME”. Why? Because a coffee con leche was available everywhere! In Spain, it is called a “cortado”, well depending on WHERE in Spain you live. But basically everybody speaks Spanish in Miami. Even if you don’t speak one word of English, you will be OK if you speak Spanish! I stood in line many times in different places, and people just started to talk Spanish like its normal. Then the employee’s had to find a Spanish speaking person, which never took too long to speak with that customer. Business as usual.


  • In Hialeah, a totally Cuban neighborhood they speak Spanish, or a Cuban Spanish, which is a bit off the traditional Spanish which they speak in Madrid, which is actually Castillian Spanish. It for me the “real Spanish” and it sounds the nicest…please no disrespect to anybody who speaks another form or dialect of Spanish. And it is the easiest to understand. When I lived in Spain, I lived and worked on the island of Mallorca. It’s a beautiful Island with at the time in the eighties almost 7 Million tourists per year!

  • It was a great time, and I did learn to speak Spanish. Even though the people in Mallorca speak Mallorcin, a dialect which is pretty hard to understand, but they were proud of it and I am sure they still speak it today. For example. Good morning in Spanish is Buenos Dias. In Mallorcin it is BON DIA. Or Merry Christmas in Spanish: Feliz Navidad and in Mallorcin it’s Bon Nadal. So there is very little resemblance to Spanish here.



    Last but not least: LATIN

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  • Let’s go the 3rd language that I strongly believe was of upmost importance in the past and always will be in the future. That is LATIN. Yep you probably would have never thought of Latin, am I right?


  • So WHY Latin? Well first of all Latin is one of the oldest languages. It was widely spoken in the Roman Republic. Then it became a very dominant language in Italy and in the entire Roman Empire, which at the time was quite big. I am not going into the history of Latin, but many languages derived from it, like French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Romanian. So you see it is a language which was here long before English.


  • When my mom was doing her cross word puzzles, she always asked my Dad for the Latin words. He knew every one of them. He grew up learning Russian and Latin as a 2nd and 3rd language, so it helped him throughout his entire Life, when he was a Chemist and later on became a Photographer. There are so many languages which basis is Latin.


  • I am not sure if you remember Asterix & Obelix ? This was an epic and funny comic series, written and created by Goscinny and Uderzo, which were If I am not mistaken from, you guessed it, from France. I believe it 1st came out in 1975/76. It was published in that time in 13 European countries and their respective language. And it drew attention by kids and adults all over Europa.
  • The drawings were amazing and I collected almost all of them. I am mentioning this because on several pages thru out the book, there were Latin words or phrases. Then on the bottom of that page was the translation into French, German or whatever language you bought the comic book in. The probably most famous in Latin was: VENI VIDI VICI. I am sure you heard that before. It means: CAME – SAW – WON.



  • I think that we would all agree that the more languages a person speaks the more she or he can interact with people. My personal favorite language is Italian. I do speak and understand enough to communicate with italien’s since for about 6 years I lived in the most northern city of Italy…no not Milan, Munich Germany. There are so many Italians working and living in Munich that they themselves feel like it is like living in Italy!



At this point, you might be asking, where is French? Well French is also a beautiful language, don’t get me wrong, but it has lost it’s status in the world as a world language, maybe just maybe because of the …AND HERE I do NOT KNOW WHY… and things that happen. It is widely spoken in the world, but not used in so many different fields and sectors as English is.


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8 Responses

  1. Sue Dixon

    This is an excellent site, Tom. Other than English and Spanish, I had no idea that the 3rd best language to learn was Latin. When I was young, my oldest sister was converting to Catholicism and I often attended church with her. In those days a large majority of the Mass was conducted in Latin. It’s a beautiful language and the heart of and soul of the English language itself.

    I wish you all the best,

    • Thomas

      Hi Sue, thanks for your reply! I really appreciate it. And yes, Latin is one of those great but almost “forgotten” languages, still taught in certain schools in a few countries in Europa, Italy and Germany I believe. The Catholic Church of course uses Latin on a daily basis.

  2. Elaine Smith

    You started strong with Numbers!!! I have heard that is a good thing to do. But putting that aside I knew or thought I knew that English would be #1, Spanish would be #2, but Latin #3? I guess now that I think about, it that makes sense. Medical terminology, Catholism and many others are derived from there.
    Good information!


    • Thomas

      Hi Elaine, yes I know that Latin would not be the most obvious choice, since its hardly taught in schools anymore, but it was and is an extremely important language that should be learned again, especially in high school. Thanks for your thoughtful info!

  3. Ahmad Ballard

    Hello Thomas, thanks for the wonderful blog on the top 3 awesome languages. I have took Spanish classes in high school, but I was struggling and didn’t do very well. But I do plan to relearn the Spanish language again very soon. WOW!!! I didn’t know that Asterix and Obelix was a comic book, I used to play the video games based on them when I was younger. Thanks again for the information, and I wish you the best of luck!!!

    • Thomas

      Hi Ahmad, yep Asterix and Obelix were probably one of the best written comics ever! The drawing were awesome and you learned bits of Latin. So thanks for your comment and learn some Spanish again…it just helps,especially if you live in Miami or LA. Best of LUCK to you too Ahmad!

  4. Chist

    Nice post Thom!.. as always..I can feel your presence while reading.. Its like your in front of me doing your stuff…(speaking)..

    Hey! People… NYC English is an App where you learn English fast, while you are having FUN. It’s an APP that you can trust.. so buy it now!