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  • Hello, my name is Thomas, or Tom. I am 55 years old, married and I have a daughter who just turned 9. I am currently living in the Philippines. I have created this website to make all 7,5 Billion people around the world understand, how important the English language really is.



  • I was not born in an English speaking country, but I consider English one of two mother tongue languages.

Usually most people have one native mother language. Its usually the country they were born.Well in my case its a bit different,since by time I was 7 or 8 years old, we have already moved several times, and I was now learning my 3rd language, which was German. You might be asking, what were the other countries or languages?

Well, I was born in the Czech Republic, then my parents decided to seek Asylum in Switzerland.We stayed for 2 years before we moved to Germany.


  • When I was 15 years old my parents decided to move even further, to British Columbia, Canada! There I spent the next 6 years, and I graduated in Port-Coquitlam, Centennial High school in Vancouver.


  • From there on my journey just started. What did help me thru out my entire personal but especially my business life, were my language skills! English and Spanish were extremely important. Without these two languages it would have been nearly impossible to do any business in most countries I then lived and had a business.


  • I personally lived and worked in each of the following countries usually for at least 2-3 years, up to 10 years in others. I always had my own business as an Entrepreneur and depending on the country the business usually varied.
  1.   Czech Republic
  2.   Germany
  3.   Spain
  4.   Dominican Republic
  5.   USA
  6.   Canada


  • There were many other countries which I visited for a work vacation. You know, when you want to check out a city in a specific country and see what kind of business one can do, or possibly live there, maybe even have a 2nd home.  These countries were:
  • Austria, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Italy, Costa Rica, Panama, and I almost ended up in Istanbul, but faith did not want me to go there then. Some other places like Nicaragua, Abu Dhabi and many others were I only stayed for a a couple of nights.


So it is my mission for many years living here in Asia, and with this website to make people all around the world understand that languages,especially ENGLISH is a vital part of business, but also often becomes even more important in ones personal life! Since without my English, I would have never met my wife! COMMUNICATION is key in learning and getting to know other people.


  • Nothing is more important then being able to communicate with other cultures and/or its people. I personally got into, lets call them “issues” because the people or person I thought  understood enough English to get my point, did not understand me at all. Sad to say that these things happen to a lot of people all around the world. Sometimes, lets say on a few occasions, I don’t even understand my wife. This after being married for almost 10 years! Ups, better not tell her! Thanks.


Learning English with NYC English, an app that did cost 2,6 Million US, must have its advantages, believe me. There is nothing that compares to NYC English


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The following books I am recommending  to all children above 9/10 years old and certainly every parent who would like another point of view about HOW the world has changed when it comes to Jobs and financial success.  RICH DAD/POOR DAD  is an absolute must. Thanks

“Formal education makes a living, but self-education makes a fortune,” Jim Rohn explained.














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6 Responses

  1. Laila

    Amazing,I like your website a lot .There are too many things I would like to learn from you ,since the english is not my mother tounge.
    Thanj you

    • Thomas

      Hello Laila. Thank you so much for your comment. It is great to hear that people all around the world want to learn English! Where do we start Laila? Have a great Life and keep on learning. Tom

  2. Arief Wibowo

    Wow. I wish I have the chance to live in several countries. I only spend 1 year in China to study Mandarin.
    I agree with you that we need to learn a lot of languages especially English.

    When I was learning Mandarin, my eyes were open to the new possibilities presented to me. So yeah! Languages are important.

    • Thomas

      Hello Arief, thanks a lot for your comment! It really means a lot to me. Your wishes do come true sometimes. Every language you learn opens your eyes and lets you see the people,their culture and a whole lot more from a different perspective.

  3. ariel

    Hello Tom!
    As a young child we left the USA and went to Europe. And I quickly became the one who soaked up the language. I loved having 2 languages to think and dream in. Unfortunately when we came back to the USA there was a lot of pressure to only speak English, so my second language became a thing of the past. I so wished that had not happened.

    But what it taught me, is that we can use language to connect or divide. And I opt for connecting!

    I really enjoyed this site. I wish in my country we were much more open to other languages. I think all children should know at least 2! Many of my international friends speak at least 4.
    Thank you for sharing the world this way! It is really lovely and uniting!
    And one of my favorite cities is Prague. Have you ever gone back? How many languages are you teaching your daughter?
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

    • Thomas

      Hello Ariel, wow…Thanks for your very insightful and meaningful comment for my sight. I was back in Prag several years ago, and my next visit will be soon! Its a great city, also called the “Golden City”. I am teaching my daughter Czech and German. She has English & Tagalog in school. Next is Spanish! And we will see how many more she can handle. Thank you!!

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