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Hello and Good morning!

So you have come to this page, and want to know about this amazing new app, so YOU can see for yourself How an Amazing New App To Learn English-fast, works? Well you are in the right place!




First, let’s talk about, WHY you want to learn English with an app. Is it because of

  • E. All the Above


  • If you have found your reason, why you want to learn English with an app, then WELCOME to NYC English! Because we will show how this app has ALL The Convenience you ever want, will definitely fit your budget, and if there is no English school or tutor in your area, than the NYC app definitely right for you. Also, if you have tried some or any of the English courses with English teachers online, and are not satisfied, the NYC app will be the best choice you ever made.



Let’s talk about Convenience:

  • The NYC app, and basically any app will let you use it or in this case open it and learn English from it, IF you have an Internet connection or WIFI.
    Well here is the GOOD NEWS. The NYC app will let you learn and study its lessons, even while you are NOT connected to the internet. With almost any device such as a SMARTPHONE or TABLET you can learn “ON THE GO”. It does not matter if you have an internet connection to learn. Cool right?


  • IMPORTANT: The download of lessons do not work on PC’s and some laptops! Please do understand that these devices are not really designed to move around. OK, so now you will, just like I did, argue that a LAPTOP is a device that is made to be portable and not stationary, so WHY does that not work? BUT is does work on pretty much any android, or ios phone and any sort of tablet,like a mac or kindle etc.! Well I guess that the company decided that tablets and smartphones are the future and laptops are not worth the effort to be included in the ON THE GO feature.


  • Personally I believe that its a technical issue that would cost additional money to fix and to solve that. Well that’s just my opinion. Please do understand that you can still use and learn on ANY devise. APPS are usually only downloaded on smartphones and tablets, not on PC’s and laptops.


  • All you need to do is to DOWNLOAD the lessons while you have a connection, and then open your NYC app. Bam you are ready to learn English. Please make sure your device has enough storage, otherwise it will not work.
    As long as you downloaded the lessons you need or want, you are ready to LEARN English, basically anywhere and anytime!



To summon this up. Learning English with the NYC app is possible on any device anywhere, if you have an internet connection. If, you have a smartphone or tablet you can download the lessons you what you learn, while you do have an internet connection. Once downloaded, you can now learn WITHOUT an internet connection on your smartphone or tablet.


  • Well that’s what I would call CONVENIENCE. Since you can now decide WHERE and WHEN YOU want to learn. You don’t have to spend money NOR time on travel and can learn basically anywhere. Lessons can be repeated as often as you want! Most other apps can not do that.


Now Let’s talk about BUDGET:

What is your budget to learn English with an app? Is it:

A. Zero Dollars/Euros?Pound/Yen etc. Per month?

B. 2-5 $ a month? ( Just using the US $ as an example…please refer to you currency when deciding)

C. 5-10 $ a month?

D. 10- $30 a month?

E. 30- $100 a month? OR

F. $100 and more per month?


So once you have decided what you want to spend, we can talk about different apps.


  • The four basic apps that can learn you English for free are: 1. Learn English Grammar 2. Duolingo 3. Memrise and Evernote ( this is not really an actual English learning app, but check it out anyway. It’s a good tool to start to learn)


  • Each one of the above mentioned apps CAN and WILL learn you English. Mostly its free! Duolingo is the most commonly known app. So if you want to spend basically nothing on learning English, these are pretty good. Or should I say: You get your money’s worth? Well they are basically FREE, so just don’t expect too much. And I guess if its free, or almost free, you can not complain, right? Please use any search engine to find these…and there are many others out there. Just take the time to find the one that is right for YOU.


  • It now becomes a question of QUALITY versus QUANTITY. We all like FREE stuff ! I don’t think there is anybody out there who does not enjoy a FREE WINE tasting, Free cheese tasting, or any other free testing or tasting…its just the way WE as human beings are. We LOVE FREE STUFF. And that’s why we look for free stuff whenever we come across it. How about a FREE upgrade from economy to BUSINESS? We all LOVE that!
    Is absolutely everything that is free or comes free, GREAT? Well the answer to that is: Nope, not all.


  • BUT…it gets people in the door…at least that’s what I call it. It’s a system that is used nowadays by thousands of companies, vendors and other institutions to introduce to YOU (the customer) a new product or service. Free always gets the job done, to get you started or engaged! And there is nothing wrong with that, if its legit and a good company or service is behind the product…like NYC and some others. We let you TEST our app for 30 days for free, so YOU, the customer KNOW what you are getting.


Time for a JOKE, or is it? Why not…


  • Oh here is a new one, at least for those who haven’t heard this jet. What does JOB really mean? It’s a 3 letter word and its meaning can be translated into this: JOB- where J = Just / O = Over / B = Broke. Just Over Broke. Ups…is that really true? Well my guess is: In most cases YES! I never had a Job, so I wouldn’t known, but if you have a JOB, then please answer this to your best ability, and be honest to yourself. I REALLY do NOT want to offend anyone out there, since my own wife has a JOB. She is a nurse and makes around $3-400 a month! (Salaries in the Philippines are just very low) No JOKE here. Jet somehow she always has a bit of money in her purse… for this and that.

Anyway here a real JOKE: 









  • So now that we now that everybody loves free stuff, and we have somehow established that if its free it might work, but it just might not. What now? Well If your budget is a bit higher than FREE, then Let’s talk about the apps that cost money.

ONE of these apps that cost money is called NYC English. And its worth every pen


  • Now Let’s just say that YOU, the customer understand that YOU get what YOU PAY for. If, you believe that, then we can proceed with the saying QUALITY over QUANTITY.


  • To learn real English, in a great and fun way, so you really have fun learning and do not get bored after a lesson or two, is the reason to why the app cost 2,6 Million Dollars to develop!


  • If we now say that conservatively you, the customer needs an average of 6-12 month to learn good English and really comprehend the English language, we have to agree that most people will need these 6-12 month to learn. Since most of you have a Job, or work during the week, TIME management is important, and most of us can not sit down 4-8 hours a day and learn English.


  • That is why NYC English will give you 24 months ( 2 Years!) for the price of 9 months! If, you divide the 24-month by the cost of the app, then we come to an average cost of only about $ 0,50 per DAY. And that is as far as budget is concerned a GREAT DEAL ! It’s not FREE, but 50 cents per day is the cost for you, so you also commit to learn! Sometimes we need these COMMITMENTS to really do what we want to. SORRY…NO more 24 month available! That was a SALE that is done!


  • Take as an example all of those Fitness studios or fitness places across the globe. Most of the exercises we could do at home, but a lot of people need to sign up for those memberships only to be COMMITTED to really go, since they spend money on these memberships. Of course the equipment is expensive, and rent and staff need to be paid, but come on, if you really want to exercise and have very limited funds, you will find a way!




Well I would say, that an app is your only option.

  • Since the NYC app can be downloaded on pretty much any smartphone or tablet, you can learn English anywhere, anytime at your convenience, without spending TIME nor MONEY on travel. Then WHY look any further?
  • Please, DO YOUR due diligent on this subject, and IF you find a better and cheaper app then NYC English, that will learn you US English the fastest and most fun way possible, please let me know! I would love to post it on my website, to give people choices. Thanks.


  • LAST but not LEAST:




  • Well to properly explain this, and not step on these companies toes, since its big business these days, I will try to be as honest and objective as possible.


  • I would suggest that depending on the country you are in, and the reason WHY you want to learn English, you also do your own due diligent s on this. First you have to decide which type of English you want to learn? UK or US English. Both are similar, and jet very different, especially when speaking.


There are plenty of famous UK based or born actors& actresses in Hollywood movies, right? Well I would say that 90% of them have adopted more US English in their accent and movies over the years. Since most of them decided to live in the US, for obvious reasons, like work and weather, they also adapted or shall I say adopted the US slang. Yes some actors still have a slight British accent, but living and working in the US, makes you forget or Let’s say change to the US way of life and speaking more US English.

Hayley Atwell
Emma Watson


Andrew Garfield


  • If YOU would have to make a CHOICE between UK English and US English, and you have nothing personal against either one of these countries, than you would have to go with how many people speak UK English, and how many speak US English. Now the decision becomes easy. About 66 Million live in the UK, and about 323 Million live in the US. But its really your choice to make.


  • I know for certain, that NYC English teaches you New York City English, which is the clearest English that I know. I spend many years in the big apple, so I should have a pretty good idea. I also spent a lot of time in Florida, but also worked along the east coast of the US. Nowhere else,do they speak English that is so clear.


  • Basically if you use a search engine you will find Millions of sites on that subject and I would say hundreds of different companies and or schools that will learn you English ONLINE with a teacher.


The positive: You can stay in your house or office and decide on what time YOU want to learn.


  • You can also choose a different teacher after a while, IF the one teaching does not perform like you thought he/she would. Or if you just don’t like the energy.
  • Most of these are not expensive, and you have no long term commitments.


The negative: You will need an Internet connection with almost all of them. No internet means you can not engage or learn.


  • Well, if most of these teachers’ or companies (not all) are fairly cheap, then WHY are they inexpensive. Well the answer is out of my own experience, since my wife tried to be an ONLINE ENGLISH teacher. Also, her sister-in-law is actually doing it with a fairly large company. I also was engaged with a German language school in Manila, so I guess I know a bit or two.


  • The websites of most these companies are really great! They immediately want to sign you up. But WHY are they fairly inexpensive, at least many of them? The answer in most cases is simple. The so called NATIVE English teachers’ are not so native. Many of them especially for starter or beginner courses, the teachers’ are from third world countries like the Philippines, where English is their 2nd language.
  • So for kids or people who want to learn English and have NO basic English skills, its OK for most of them, since you will NOT KNOW the difference between a real native and someone who is good with basic English. The non-native English teachers’, and trust me on when I say;  there are hundreds of them in the Philippines, and they are being paid an average of about $1-3 per hour. Well that is not a lot, but for these teacher’s who have an average salary of about $ 100-400 a month with their regular jobs, these extra dollars are a big help! And to be fair, most of them do a fair/good job.
  • Of course the people or customers who are paying for the classes do not know what these teacher’s salary is, and I am just guessing, but they probably also don’t really care either. Why would they? You tell me.


That being said its time for YOU, yes YOU the customer to start looking for the right app for YOU!



  • OR Purchase The NYC. You have several choices. The $ 130, the $ 260, and the $ 390 Dollar option.



Thanks for reading and please do leave me a comment below.


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2 Responses

  1. Hellmut Loetzerich

    I read your post with interest. It is very well written, and you explain the different opportunity a person has who wants to learn the english language. Naturally it turned out that the NYC app is the best method to learn english.
    I am a German shipmaster. The language aboard ships, especially under foreign flags, is english, and I had to learn the language the hard way, using a dictionary. Unfortunately NYC app was not available at that time. Consequently my english was never perfect. Therefore I decided to marry an american lady in order to learn the language propperly. However, this is the most expensive way to learn a language. I therefore recommend to buy the NVC app. It is much cheaper.

    • Thomas

      Hello Hellmut,

      thank you very much for your insightful and very interesting comment on how to learn English the most expensive way! That is probably true in many cases, so NYC is regards to that,is a lot less. Your writing skills in English are perfect. I also do speak German, so Danke schoen fuer den netten Kommentar! Have a great life. All the best. Tom

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