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                                                                                                                         NYC English is an AWARD-winning App. In 2017 it received the prestigious Bessie Awards.  It uses all six skills for learning a language: reading, writing, grammar, speaking, pronunciation, and listening comprehension, with an emphasis on speaking English and listening. It can be used to complement an existing curriculum or for independent self-learning.

Here you can access and see the Award



  • But what does this really mean? An Award-winning APP which won the BESSIE Award for BEST EDUCATIONAL SOFTWARE 2017.


What does this mean for you, since you probably never heard of the Bessie Awards. Which is the OSCARS when it comes to education awards.


  • It means that a lot of money went into making this software “one” or the best software on the market to LEARN English, FAST and have fun. Well it’s easier said than done.

  • The people who worked really hard to make this happen, are brilliant smart people, extremely well Educated in their own field. That’s why NYC English became a world leader in learning English online.


  • It also means that years of research went into creating NYC English, who has now a software which seemingly has almost no competition in it’s field.


It also means that YOU will LEARN real US English in a way that suits your needs. YOU can choose the time and the place to learn. You can decide how much time you will spend learning English. Obviously it’s the same principle as with most things. The more time you invest, the more YOU will learn.


PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT !                 





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