Best Way To Learn A New Language

 What is the Best WAY to learn a new language?


  • This is a question that I am sure Millions of people are asking themselves a lot. Especially if you have kids and are not living in a country where English is not spoken as a 1st language. That is of course, IF you want to learn English.


  • At this point I do not want say that countries where English is spoken as a 1st language, are better or more important! But at this point we do know this. English is the No. 1 language in business and is spoken in many other areas, like Medicine, Aviation, Law, Internet, etc. I am sure that if you have read my other posts, then you are aware that I am also not born in a country where English was or is my 1st mother tongue. This makes writing this post so much more fun fun fun.


OK so Let’s review what we know today:


  • The most common way to learn a new language as an adult, is to go to a language school. This is still the most common way to learn pretty much any language. There you pay for getting taught another language in a classroom, with other students and a TEACHER. Just like when we went to elementary school, or high school.


  • Why is it so popular? Well the answer to that question is, and I will answer this to the best of MY knowledge;


  • People want to engage with “other” people in the typical classroom environment, since all of “US” went to school to learn for 12 years or more. There in school we learned a lot of useless “stuff”, or does anybody remember anything she or he learned in grade 2,4 or 8… ? Other than READING, WRITING, some MATH and for some it might be geography, and for others chemistry, we did not and do not remember anything, since it was NOT important for the real world out there! It was IRRELEVANT as Mr. Spock would say.


  • We are (still) in a society where teaching our kids a lot of unnecessary “stuff” is accepted by society, parents and Governments! The school system has not changed a bit. My daughter is being taught the same unimportant stuff in grade 3 as I was almost 45 years ago! The world has changed dramatically since then, but kids still learn the same old material we used to learn, almost 100 years ago.

  • So basically we are “used” to the classroom, the teacher and the way we are being taught. Another aspect might be that these schools, for the most part, do a pretty good JOB teaching another language. If YOU have the TIME and the MONEY then WHY NOT is probably the answer, since WHAT alternatives are out there to learn a new language ?
  • Paying for these schools, which most of them are expensive, is another factor that we are OK with, and understand the fact that WE PAY for a SERVICE that is being provided for us, just like WE like to get paid for our service or work, if you are in the service industry.


Kids have it so much easier to learn then ADULTS ! Why is that? Well because as we grow older, more and more “nonsense” is piling up in our brain/memory call it hard drive, and we have to deal with LIFE now. Something that was never a subject in any grade or school when I went to school. A more detailed answer to WHERE our memory is stored is: The Hippo campus is a structure in the brain that has been associated with various memory functions. It is part of the Limbic system, and lies next to the medial temporal lobe.


  • DID you, the reader, had a subject in your school about LIFE / INTEGRITY / HONOR / The VALUE of FAMILY / The BANKING system / ENTREPRENEURSHIP / RELATIONSHIPS and how they work/last… etc. You know the things that are important in REAL LIFE. Please let me know IF you did. Or did you learn the same boring stuff we all did? Just in case you had some really valuable courses, in your country where you went to school. I would love to hear from you. Please be reminded that all of us, are different and have different point of views on most things. So when I mean or say ” learn the same boring stuff ” it means that some of us, enjoyed chemistry and maybe became Chemists who won a Nobel Prize. Or you just loved Math and became a wizard in your area. That is NOT what I mean.


What I mean is, that we could have still had math, chemistry, biology etc. in school, but WHY did we not have ANY really important subjects, like the ones I mentioned above??


  • The ANSWER to that question might be shocking to some of you. Here is a SHORT explanation. Governments have been formed in most civilized countries around the world. They are IN CHARGE to provides certain institutions, like Hospitals, Schools and take care of Infrastructure, so we can use cars, buses and other public transportation vehicles to get around cities and countries, which are paid for by OUR TAXES. Not an easy JOB, but someone has to do it, right? WRONG! Most of the today’s Governments are corrupt and want benefits only for themselves and NOT the people! of course, it depends on some factors like in what country do YOU live? I believe that in general, the smaller the country in inhabitants who live in it, the easier it is to govern it.


Abraham Lincoln said: Democracy is the Government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people!


  • WHY is there such INEQUALITY in the world? Because POLITICS and the majority of Politicians TODAY stand for LYING to the people to get elected and after they are elected they FORGET who elected them and why. But to make this short, in most countries Politicians are not serving the people, they only steel their taxes, which is the people’s money and should be used for public projects! If the Gov. wants people to stay “dumb” and “numb” then do NOT educate them well and keep them poor! Since poor people can not move around too much…can not access the LEGAL system at all, and are basically only voters. Oh boy, now I will stop. The point is that more and more are becoming poor, the middle class is being eradicated and the Billionaires are becoming more, so EDUCATION is a key factor in that.





  • So another method, becoming more and more popular to learn a new language, or many other things for that matter, is E-Learning. Get the course you want, and anything you want to learn is only a “mouse click” away. Learn on your PC, in the comfort of your home or office. In my case, my office is actually in my house. There are many subjects out there to learn, for more info, I would suggest you use any search engine to see what you might be interested in.


  • There is no question in my mind that, E-learning is the FUTURE. It is the easiest way and in most cases the most inexpensive way to learn, if you live outside a big city. From the comforts of your home, at any time that is convenient to YOU, you can study and learn! Let’s not forget, that IF you decided to go to a school, you have to travel to the school and you have to get back home! This is TIME and MONEY you have to spend additional to the tuition fees.



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  • We are in a time when DIGITAL is becoming a word that you can find almost everywhere and it will become even more widely used. A-I, means ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and will also be OUR Future. It can not be stopped, unless, well unless, the world comes to an end.



  • So Let’s look at e-learning and WHY its becoming more popular.

    The digital revolution and the fact that almost everybody (who can afford one) has a smartphone, has changed our way of life forever. Its how we SHOP online. Also, how we use the internet to access information and use this information for our benefit, that has changed our way of life. We want to engage in certain tasks when WE WANT to, and WHERE we want to. A smartphone gives you basically access to world of information anywhere and anytime, and this is what more and more people are looking for. A MORE CONVENIENT way to learn!
    NYC provides this convenience for its learners. They can learn anywhere, anytime on any device! Learning made for the new Millennium!


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4 Responses

  1. Bo Tipton

    I agree with you. Learning is moving towards the classroom being online and in a person’s home. In the late 90’s I taught English online for a University. Then is was all new. Now I still teach English online but I also have two other friends that are teaching online courses for a University. It is getting to be more and more come for students to go to school online. Why? Because it works.

  2. Garen

    I have been wanting to learn Spanish for a very long time. Taking classes in college really don’t fit into my hectic life. I would much rather do it online. However, I have heard Udemy has a lot of language courses. Do you feel NYC is better than Udemy? Kind of on the fence between the two.

    • Thomas

      Hi Garen, well NYC is really designed to LEARN people English. So IF you are Spanish speaking, and you want to learn English, I would say NYC is the best in the online world! It will not really teach you Spanish, it will only help people who are native in Spanish to learn better English, since the translating button is not designed to improve your Spanish skills, only to HELP understand the word or phrase IF the person learning did not grasp it in English. Hope this helps. Udemy has over 100 courses in Spanish, and for the 6-15 hour courses, they charge $5-20, so not bad. Give it a try.

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