Hello English teachers online,

and also a warm welcome to all offline English teachers!



First of all let me THANK YOU for the great work you have done AND are doing educating kids in your classes, online, or where ever you might be teaching them the English language.  


English teachers online-reality or not? In Costa Rica the kids were in an absolute gorgeous environment, outside, near the beach under the trees. I don’t remember what they were learning, but there was NO PC in sight. And I am sure they did learn something.




So is teaching online reality now? Well I guess it depends on WHICH country your school is. If you go to most private schools today, online teaching is reality to a certain degree, and becoming more and more popular. Government schools are in some countries already using the internet to teach, in other countries especially in 3rd world countries, its still wishful thinking for most schools.



I remember MY English teacher in Senior high school, Mr.Seredick, who said: English is the hardest language to learn, for every rule, there is another rule! Boy was He right.


Now, away from school, but having my daughter in grade 3, a whole new world is opening up to me.


Almost forgot, I did work with schools for about 5 years in Germany. No, sorry not as a teacher. I was the guy who took the pictures when kids had their first day in school. I was the photographer who took pictures of all kinds of kids and schools, from grade one, to the “kids” who studied to be doctors, lawyers you name it.

Being an ENGLISH TEACHER must be a very difficult job. Especially if you are teaching English as a 2nd or 3rd language. If you have to teach children in a classroom with the usual tools, like books and a blackboard, then your JOB becomes a task!


  • A few days ago, I saw Mr. Jeff Goldblum, who I saw in Miami Beach, while he was filming a movie, and he was in the gym, getting in form. He is now a talk show host on National Geographic I believe. His guest, a well-known author and writer, please don’t ask me for the name, said that in the last 150 years many things have changed dramatically. Look how we communicate, travel and all that technology, but the CLASSROOM and HOW we teach and what we teach in most countries has not really changed that much! Do YOU agree? Or not?










  • The world has changed A LOT in the past 150 years, but in the last 30 years alone, it has changed more then in the past 100 years! WHY don’t schools adapt for example what they did in Japan. There are NO exams or tests in grade 1 until grade 4. Yes, children in Japan have no exams for the first 4 years in school. What they learn are the truly important things in life, like honor, respect, manners etc. No exams= no stress!


  • Then when they grow older and they respect their teachers and society in all, they are taught the “other” things and they will receive exams and grades. This is as far as I known only done in Japan. No other country has implemented this method, jet.



One of the teachers in a professional school, in which I used to be their Photographer, or “Berufsschule” where kids were getting their degrees for fine mechanic and many other skills that are needed all over the world, one teacher told me that she literally is with one foot in “JAIL”. She can not do anything about their bad behavior, and the kids, which are on average 15-17 years old, can do just about anything to her. I have seen this behavior almost everywhere I have lived.


So how about we take teaching English to the next level? For all English teacher online, off-line and where ever you are, with the NYC app you can take teaching to the next level, even though its only for the English language.
You can use the world wide web to HELP you teaching English. Use a projector or anything else you might have at your disposal to show them the app on a big screen.


Then let the authentic speaker speak and they will listen, hear and mostly they will have fun learning. We did not have this technology when I was going to school. I think the most advanced piece of equipment used in classrooms was a typewriter, and then came the over head projector!


So lets CHANGE this. You may have objections, questions or doubts, since real change has to come from within US, ourselves and not by RULES and regulations from Governments or authorities!



Please take a closer look at the NYC English APP. English teachers in many other countries are already using it, with great success! Please click here for a   FREE TRIAL  and then click on “I want a Demo”. This way YOU can see for yourself how the APP works. Like pretty much all free trials on the internet, this also has restrictions, so it will NOT give you 100& usage, you will only be able to see 3 of the 30 themes, but you will get a very good idea of how it does work. The FREE TRIAL is good for 30 days, so more then enough time to see what this app can do for you. Thank you.


Then during your trial, if you have any questions, please write me an email, ask any question that you like and do submit your comment of HOW YOU LIKE the NYC APP. Thank you so much!


And please remember, our KIDS are our FUTURE.


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