First Language Ever Spoken?

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Well here we are. And the Question is: What was the First Language Ever Spoken? On Earth that is.

     And the answer is:


  • As I was NOT around 2-3000 years ago, I have to go with what I can find on this question and it’s not really clear WHAT was the First Language Ever Spoken. Humans  probably started speaking some kind of ” language” around 300BC – AD 300! And this is not a Boing 300 aircraft, its really a very long time ago!


  • But most likely Tamil, Greek, Chinese, Latin, Sanskrit, Hebrew are some of the earliest languages spoken on earth. The people who spoke/speak Tamil are called Tamilians, a Dravidian ethnic group who speak Tamil as their mother tongue and trace their ancestry to the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the Indian Union.


  • Here we can see again the importance of LATIN, which I mentioned in another post of mine, which has the title: 3-totally-awsome-languages-to-know-learn. One of the 3 languages to KNOW and to LEARN should be Latin. Please look it up by clicking on the title.Thanks


  • Back to the first language ever spoken on EARTH. Most likely it was Tamil. This language is even TODAY the official language of 2 countries. Singapore and Sri Lanka. Amazing is it not? This ancient language is still being spoken. If you want to read about THIS specific language and it’s history on Wikipedia please click HERE: Thank you.


  • What I would like to say at this point is that these languages which are listed above, many are still spoken today! These 6 languages are amazing languages. If there are people out there who speak all of these 6 languages + English, then I am sure that they do not need to look for work, since they are the ones who will be thought after,due to their amazing language skill.


This post is dedicated to all man kind, currently LIVING and BREATHING on this beautiful planet earth! I strongly believe that certain circumstances are leading people to NOT connect to each other as HUMAN beings! We are all born as CUTE / INNOCENT little babies on this planet.    



  • Then we go to school, learn a lot, then some of us go of to college or university and become Professors, Doctors, Lawyers, Bakers, Repair man etc. WHAT is dividing US from being GOOD people?


  • Do LANGUAGES have something to do with this phenomena? Probably, since communication plays a vital part in ALL OUR LIVES. We have to speak on a daily basis, which we use for work, and our private life. My daughter speaks and has conversations all the time. She never stops talking unless she is eating something, but even that does not stop her of telling us her “point of few” on many things.



I hope and believe that the time will come when the planet will UNITE and ONE language will be taught in all schools around the world. If we start that today, then in 30-100 years, every person on this planet would speak that language, which would result in…and that’s the 1 Million Dollar question… WHAT DO YOU think would happen then? IF ALL MAN KIND SPEAKS ONE COMMON LANGUAGE?

Please tell me YOUR thoughts on that. Thank you. I would love to hear from YOU!



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Thank you so much!


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