Thank you for your interest in a 30-day free trial.

There is a VIDEO version at the bottom…just in case you don’t want to read


  • This absolutely FREE 30 day trial period will give you the chance to try the NYC APP and its basic functions.


  • You will see how it looks, see one theme, listen to the authentic English speakers and understand how this app interacts with YOU, the student.


The free trial version is not a full version, unlike the paid version. Please do understand that the FREE 30 days will give you access to the NYC app, so you can really see if its for you. A 30-day period is usually more than enough time to understand the product and make a decision if the paid version is worth it.

Lets get started:


Once you click on theStart your 30 DAY FREE trial button, you will be directed to this page.


On this page please select your language, or your mother tongue.



You will now be directed to this page.

Please click on : Enter




Now you will see this  actual page and you can start your free trial: HAVE FUN !




Please START with the PRE-QUIZ and continue with each lesson.




For the FREE trial you get  1 Theme. (The full version has 30 Themes)  In each theme there is a PRE-QUIZ, a POST-TEST, one or two exercises, and about 7-9 videos, related to that theme, depending on what level you are in.

Please DO the PRE-QUIZ first. You can not repeat this quiz, since it is meant to monitor your progress. At the end, please do the POST-TEST. This will give you an idea, how you are doing.

In the ADVANCED level the language button is NOT available in the demo version. In the full version it is.




I HOPE that the FREE TRIAL will definitely convince you that this Award winning APP can LEARN you English FAST and you will have FUN learning! Thank you




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