How does this app work or function?


  • The NYC app works on any device. Any desktop, laptop, Android tablet, Android phone, iPad, or iPhone. Once you have purchased the app, please go to the NYC English LOGIN page at:


  • You will now be asked to enter your User Name & your Password. Please click on the white arrow in the BLUE CIRCLE.

  • If you purchased more then one level,then you will see the two or all three levels.You will now choose the level you want to start with. Either BEGINNER / INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED.



You will now be asked to choose YOUR language. As an additional feature, you can also choose ANY other of the 23 languages that are available, that the app will translate with the translating button on the app.




  • If you have chosen the Beginner Level, or any other level, you have now access to 30 themes to choose from. Every theme has a PRE-QUIZ, several exercises and a POST-TEST at the end. Every theme has also 7-8 topic related videos.All in all, close to 900 HD videos are at your fingertips.


Here a short 2 min. video of HOW it looks on the inside of NYC English!




The Video “below” is to show HOW to LOGIN and USE the app, once you purchased it:





It is so easy to use that by just spending time on the app, you will get to know it withing minutes or hours.


The best part just might be that you can DOWNLOAD the lessons on pretty much any phone or tablet,and when you are NOT connected to the internet, you can still listen and learn,while you are traveling on a plane, subway,train or any where were there is no WIFI.     


For DOWNLOADING the lessons, please click on the ENTER button that will show when you LOGIN. You can download on any smartphone or tablet. Please make sure you have enough space on your phone/tablet. NYC will not let you download the lessons on a PC and even some Laptops!




Just in case you need the perfect tool to learn NYC English on. This is it. To purchase just click on the picture and it will take you directly to Amazon. Thank you!


The Apple I Pad Air 2:
                                                                                      Apple iPad/ Retina Display  (32GB, Wi-Fi ) 4th Generation













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