How To Learn To Speak A Foreign Language- Easy Or Not?

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Well, here we are. How to learn to speak a foreign language.

Easy or not?


At this point, one can argue that it is, and also it is not. It really depends on several factors.

First we have to see who wants to learn and why?



  • If the person is a child, between the ages of approximately 2  to 10 years old, then I will say it’s extremely easy to learn any foreign language, as the child grows older in the upcoming years.

  • By the time I was 10 years old, I had learned my 3rd foreign language. I did unfortunately forget my mother tongue by than, since I spent most of my time in Kindergarten and school and not at home.

  • My brothers kids grew up learning 3 languages. At home, they spoke German with their father. In school, they had English and Spanish as their languages. And mom spoke only Spanish with them since it was her mother tongue, and she was comfortable with that.



So learning several foreign languages at the same time as a child is simply put, EASY. Even four or more languages are possible for kids to learn at the same time!


  • WHY is it that easy for children to learn many languages at the same time, and its so difficult for most adults. From my personal experience I would say that its so easy to learn because if as a kid you have a healthy and loving environment at home, then LEARNING can be and should be so easy. The brain is not constantly dealing with “problems”. Kids do not have to worry about money, which include rent, electricity, cable etc. Kids also don’t have to worry about their work, like a lot of adults now are worried to be laid off or loosing their job.


  • Children/ kids and when I say children I mean kids who are between 2-3 years and 4- 12 years old. Give or take a year or two, since there are always exceptions for some.


  • So when children are very young they do not WORRY like adults, especially MOTHERS. All mothers worry all the time about their kids! My mom, who died in 2012 always worried about be. Good loving mothers always worry about their kids, when they are in school, on a field trip, when they are sick, etc.


  • KIDS on the other hand never seem to worry about anything as long as they have food, a place to sleep and some Love from their parents. MY wife always worries about our daughter, I mean when she has a mild cough, she wants to go to the doctor…when she has a fever, oh my, than its worrying time…but KIDS they just live IN THE MOMENT and don’t worry about a thing.


And that’s WHY children can learn just about anything in record time! In two years living in Bern, Switzerland I spoke perfect Switzerdütsch and my parents did not understand a word I said. I was 7 years old.


  • As we grow older and LIFE becomes more and more complicated, as we need more time to learn just about anything. Why? Come on that’s simple. Because there are too many, lets call them “ISSUES” in our lives! At least in most peoples lives. And if you think that Millionaires or even Billionaires have NO problems, think again! They also have issues, but they are different than what most “normal” people have. Normal is very difficult to define. So I will let your imagination set a standard for what is in this case is normal.
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  • The older we get, more and more issues are in our lives. As our kids grow older we worry way too much about those issues and sometimes keep them to ourselves, than rather TALK about them with others.


DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF….and it’s all small stuff. A book that I personally did read and can recommend ! Written by Richard Carlson. PH.D.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Teens: Simple Ways to Keep Your Cool in Stressful Times (Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Series)


I only understand my parents NOW, or lets just say, shortly after my mom passed away and 2 years later my dad passed away. They were married for 60 years! And now that they are gone, I understand what a GREAT JOB they did as parents! I am so thankful to them that they gave me the opportunity to see the world and make decisions that I wanted to make, when I wanted to make them. They supported me most of the time, and I lived  a life full of adventures! Now, I am a family man, a father and a husband.


  • My beloved Father, mentor and Dad, who passed away on Sunday, Dec.28.2015, learned to use a laptop when he was 75 years old.My mom, who passed away several years before my dad, on Saturday June 02.2012, never did understand, nor wanted to learn how to use a PC. My dad did not become an expert on the computer, but he learned to browse the internet, read and send emails, how to use Skype and some other minor things. Skype and email were important because that’s how we stayed in touch when internet was available. I still remember paying a small fortune for those phone call to my parents, before Skype was invented. So you see, anything is possible, even at an older age, it just takes a little more time!


  • This post is dedicated to my beloved mother and father! May their souls rest in piece. They were the BEST PARENTS on this planet. I know this now!!


My conclusion for this article is as follows: We the human race can do just about anything we set our minds to. We went to the moon and now we are on the way to Mars. As we grow older, LIFE just gets a bit more complicated in most cases, and learning especially a foreign language becomes more challenging, that’s all. Just a few days ago,a “father” of two young kids and a business man here in the city where I live, bought the NYC English app because his kids speak only English in school and at home, and he is kinda left out of the conversations, so he wants to learn “better” English. Where, there is a WILL there is a way. At any age. He is around 40. So if you ask me now, “how to learn to speak a foreign language-easy or not?” I would have to answer; IF you are determined to LEARN, then yes its easy!


Thank you for reading my post, and even if you don’t agree on some of it, please do understand that it is my opinion and I would love to hear yours. What do think? Is learning a foreign language EASY or NOT ?


Please leave your comment on this site. I promise I will get back to you as soon as I can find the time, which is probably within 24-48 hours!



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4 Responses

  1. Faye Marie

    Hey Thom, it’s Faye. Your website is very inspiring and makes me wanna learn new languages and expand my knowledge in English 🙂

    • Thomas

      Thanks Faye, may the English language follow you where ever LIFE may take you in the next years to come! Keep on learning and yes, make mistakes, because only if you make mistakes you truly LEARN! Thanks

  2. Writer

    I think that good point of learning any language is practice writing. It should help you a lot when the time comes to speak in the target language.

    • Thomas

      Hi there,

      thanks for your comment on my post “How to learn speak a foreign language”. Easy or not?
      The six key components to learn any new language are: READING, WRITING, GRAMMAR, SPEAKING, PRONUNCIATION, and LISTENING. So YES, writing is one of them. Is writing more important than speaking?Well that depends on WHO you ask, I guess.

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