Learn English As An Au Pair-Why & How?

The French term Au Pair means “on equal terms”.


  • So how would you learn English as an Au pair? The WHY & HOW I will try to answer in this post. Well first of all what is the Au pair program and what does it stand for? Basically, an Au pair is an unmarried young person( typically female) between the age of 18 to 30 years, who has no children and travels to a foreign country for a defined period, usually 1 year, to live with a host family.


Typically, Au pairs take on a share of the family’s responsibility for “childcare” as well as some housework, and receive an allowance for personal use, that they can use/spend anyway they wish.


  • Au pair arrangements are subject to government restrictions which specify an age range. For example, if you want to go as an Au pair to the USA, the min.age is 18, and the max.age is 26. Some countries explicitly limit the arrangement to females. Unfortunately I can not promote a specific Au Pair Program or agency, but if you CLICK HERE, you will be directed to all the searches within google to see Au Pair programs for the US and Canada.


Au pair in New York
Au pair-in-New York


  • So this is how it usually works. If you, the applicant are living in a country were the 1st language is not English, then you would want to look for a family that lives in an English-speaking country. Like the USA, Canada, UK etc. Usually the contract/agreement is for1 year. An extension of another year is possible. It really depends on both parties, the Au pair and the host family have to agree.


  • In that year you would definitely learn how to speak and communicate in English a lot better than before. Why? Since you would have no choice to speak any other language, other than the Skype calls to mom and dad, and or friends, it would be easy to learn, since you would HEAR, SPEAK, LISTEN and probably only also WRITE in English.


  • For young women who love children, it is one of the best and most affordable ways to travel to countries and places, were otherwise it would cost a small fortune to stay and life for such a time. It is also a great way to get to know the culture, food and ways of life in that city and country, since the host family will include you in most their family activities.



It is also extremely SAFE to go as an Au pair to pretty much any English speaking country, since it’s a highly reputable program that has put all possible safety measures in place to assure that both the host family and the Au pair are protected from all possible factors that could put either one in harms way.


If at this point you would like to go as an Au pair to an English-speaking country, then please make sure and understand that this journey you will embark on, will also separate you from your family and friends for at least 1 year.



  • I also believe that it is a (one of many) necessary step for a teenager, as I also embarked on a similar journey at a very young age, and left my parents behind as I followed my fathers best intentions for my better future, and left Canada to go and live and work in Europa, that this BOND between the PARENTS and the CHILD has to be separated at some point anyway, so one can experience LIFE from a different point of view. In most cases it will be an experience that will form and shape oneself to understand how important PARENTS are in one’s life, or were in one’s life.


The bond between parents and a child will last forever, but we all have to stand on our own two feet someday. So the Au pair program is a great way to experience that, and you will even learn to understand and speak English.


The European Agreement on Au Pair Placement is an international agreement within Europa. Originally signed in France on 24 November 1969. It came into effect 30 May 1971, and regulates Au pair placements.

Also here you can read what the United States Department of State / Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs have to say.https://www.politico.com/f/?id=0000015b-0cf2-d4b9-abff-3ffe31fd0001



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