So this is about learning English fast, EASY + for FREE. Is that even possible?

  • If I would be completely honest, the answer would be a  “Maybe”. Maybe, because depending on YOUR personal circumstances, it just maybe did happen already or could happen in the future. There are always exceptions for every rule. On the other hand I have to say that for 98% of the people out there, learning English fast, easy and free is just not very likely to happen.
  • As you have probably done some or a significant amount of research on this subject, at least I hope you did, on how to learn English fast, easy and free, you most likely found the same what I found: about 33 Million sites, on Google alone, and if you are like most people, or like me, you don’t look beyond the 1st page in most cases. Now what?

  • So what did I find? Well there is SO MUCH stuff there, that it made my head spin.

First of all,there are schools, that teach languages, so IF you reside in a big city like New York, Tokyo, Berlin or Manila, or any other big city, they have classes where teachers will teach you how to speak, write and comprehend English.

  • I had a friend who moved from Miami to Germany. He was German, but his wife was from Jamaica. She hated the idea of moving to Germany, where it’s cold and rainy, but they eventually did. I visited them in Germany when they where about 2 1/2 years there.
  • When Trish, that was her name started to talk to me in German, I was literally blown away! She had no problem speaking and understanding and she had absolutely no accent! Wow I thought. How did she accomplish this?
  • Well she did go to a very prominent school for about 1 year, and since money was not an issue, she invested quite a lot in her German language skills. Not a lot of people have that kind of money and or even the time, since we are talking about 5-6 days a week for several hours in school and also learning at home.
  • Did I mention the fact that she was not working while she was in school, because that really helps. Well, there are not a lot of jobs out there, but if you do not speak the language of the country you live in, you will mostly likely not get hired.

  • Ups, almost forgot, I did send 3 nurses to a high profile school in Manila, to learn German! They wanted to leave the country for obvious reasons.( A nurse in the Philippines makes an average of 100 -200$ a month!) So I made all the connections, made all the necessary steps, and they ended up learning German for about 9 months. They finished with a B2 certificate, which they needed for the employer and the Embassy to get the proper Visa. The question is: Did they speak really well German? Well I am sorry to say, they did not.
  • Why? Because as soon as the class was over, they started to speak in their native language, and not in German. I am sure that, after 6-12 month living and working in Germany their German would be near perfect, because they have to speak German all day, every day. Just in case you are wondering: two of the three nurses are already in Germany, and the third one will be in Germany by the end of 2017.UPDATE: The 3rd nurse, by the name of Cherry B. is now also in Germany, Berlin to be precise. Here the last UPDATE. The date is July 01.2018. All three are now in Germany, working as nurses, earning a gross salary of approx. 2000 Euros. They also NEVER even thanked me for getting them out of the Philippines! Oh well, what else is new…

How much does a good school charge for learning you a language. Well it depends, but a monthly charge can be a low as 200$, or as high as 1000$. That is per months.( Give or take…)
OK, so IF you have time and money and Let’s not forget the important factor, that you must live in a metropolitan city, it should be a breeze to learn English, or any other language for that matter, in 1 year or so. Because Let’s be really honest, if you see a site where it tells you that you can speak English in 10-14 days, and 30 min. a day, would you believe that? Probably not.

  • Then there is so much on U-Tube that it comes down to only one question: WHICH one do I watch first? There are only about 24 Million results, so a LOT LESS, than if you went to a search engine, you know the one which starts with a “G” and looked for learning English for free.
  • OK, so by now you are as confused as most people, right? 30 Million results or 24 Million, which one will I choose? Well Let’s not forget the FREE COURSES offered all over the net. The question is WHY are they for free? Well the answer is sometimes very different.

Since it takes TIME and MONEY to build, run and maintain a website, just like a store has to pay rent, employees, and other overhead, a website also costs money. So why is it free, or is it? In some cases it is.( Especially when you START)  On some sites you can learn and/or translate too English to a certain point. Then you have to either move on, or start paying.

  • To really LEARN to speak, understand and comprehend English, it takes 6-18 month, depending on your prior English skills and background, and if you can spend hours learning on your own time. Some people are naturals in learning languages. Kids can easily learn 2-5 languages at the same time when they are growing up.

I did, and many others did. I am learning my daughter, who has English as her basic language in school, two other languages, one is Czech and the other is German, since German and English have a lot of similarities when speaking. Later she will also learn Spanish.

  • So learning English on the internet for free, in a certain time line, in my opinion is a waste of time for many people. If you need to translate a word or a phrase then there are plenty of options which do that for free, which is great! Time is the only thing that never comes back. If you on the other hand have plenty of time, there are endless ways to learn on the web.

But, there is ONE question you should ASK YOURSELF: Does it MOTIVATE me, and get the JOB done?

That is why I strongly recommend to invest less than ONE Dollar a day in NYC English and have the best possible platform available today, to learn and speak English fast, and have fun. For some it will take even less than 1 year.

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed reading my article.

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  1. Ina

    It was interesting and fun to read the article. And I recognized myself in what you described there: looking for faster and easier ways to learn a new language, losing the motivation on the way, remembering how, when I was a child, I learned two languages same time without a problem and seeing my own child learning 3 languages (and me trying, in a subtle way, to introduce the 4th one, because I know that children learn in a different way and later it will be much more difficult for him). Now you made me curious about your platform… I am curious if it could be applied also to other languages 🙂

    • Thomas

      Hi Ina, and thanks for your comment. So you are also multi lingual and your kids too. Great! I am also learning my daughter 3 other languages, which is so easy, they just have to practice! The app is really designed to learn English. The 21 translating buttons are designed to help the person, if she/he needs a translation of certain words. All the 900 lessons are in English only. It is “helping” me to learn Tagalog, which is spoken here in the Philippines, but its designed to learn English.

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