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NYC English gives people the ability to learn USA English with an app. It is an amazing e-learning tool. Learning English now becomes fast & its fun. This is something that most other e-learning platforms can not provide.


    How can I learn English fast?


  • Well, there are several ways to do that. The most efficient way, but probably the most expensive way, would be to get a plane ticket and live and possibly work in an English-speaking country,like the USA or Canada, New Zealand, Australia or the UK for 1-3 years.


  • IF you are interested in this option please write me an email, and I can provide you with contact details to immigration lawyers to the USA and Canada. Both have been in business for many years and will give you the best options they possibly can. Both of them are known to me personally and have helped me in the past! One lives in Miami,Florida USA, the other in Vancouver, Canada. I am NOT promoting these Attorneys, but if and when you are trying to find a trustworthy Immigration Attorney it can an impossible task in the online world.


  • Some states or provinces in certain countries, depending really on where you are in that particular country, have some pretty hefty accents. This is even true for many states in the US. So what’s the alternative to learn English fast but not so costly? Well there are schools that have courses. Depending on the country and city where your reside, these schools can be costly or even extremely expensive and they are usually only in metropolitan cities.


  • If your live in an urban area, the traveling time alone would probably make it not worth it, in most cases. An English tutor would be an alternative, but again it depends on where your live, and most of them are costly. If you find an alternative, go for it, and please let me know.


  • Then there is of course, a ton of free learning tools on the internet. Many are free,some are pretty good, some are not, and some you have to pay for. Well I wish that free is always best, but in this case it’s probably not.


Ever hear the phrase; You get for your pay for? Of course you did. Is there a fast and efficient way, that’s affordable for the vast majority of people to learn English? The answer is YES. With NYC English, you will- Learn US English. It’s fast and it’s fun.


An APP that cost over 2,6 Million US to develop!


The NYC app was developed in 2013 by it’s founder, Mr. Mark Emerson, an American Entrepreneur who has a solid background in education respectively. Over 2,6 Million US dollars where invested into building the software, making it one of the best language software on the market. It recently won the prestigious 2017 Bessie Awards

The app that won an Award
Winner-2017-Bessie Awards


Bessie Awards



  • Governments in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia & Mexico use the NYC English


  • Large corporations have also used it worldwide. This app is state of the art. It brings the 21st Century into your classroom or living room, and a definitive very cool approach to teaching ELL/ESL.



 Learning English fast and have fun? Absolutely!!




  • Wow, now that is technology at it is best! Who can remember having FUN learning English as a subject in school? Not too many I assume. It was a teacher, his board, books and the usual, writing stuff down. No wonder many of us are not very good at writing correct sentences. Even as I am writing right now, I will have a spell and check grammar tool that will, I am sure correct my mistakes!


  • NYC and it is APP brings a whole new level into learning and teaching English. It’s an INTERACTIVE way to learn. So how will your have fun and learn fast? Easy, NYC English teaches all SIX skills for learning a language, which is: READING, WRITING, GRAMMAR, SPEAKING, PRONUNCIATION, and LISTENING, with an emphasis on speaking and listening.


  • By being able to see and hear real people on a PC, laptop, tablet, phone or any device who are engaged and talking in REAL LIFE situations makes learning much for fun. Each of the three levels, there are Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, have EACH 90 themes to choose from and are packed with over 300 hours of HD teaching Videos.


  • Then depending on which level your are at, emphasis on vocabulary, speaking more and more fluently. You can record your own voice to check if your are speaking the word or sentence correctly.


  • At the Advanced level your will learn to really master the English language.
  • At the beginning of each course, there is always a quiz and at the end a test, where if completed correctly, your will get a certificate! It’s really a lot of fun and it is monitoring each individuals progress on your English skills.


Learn English for business or private use?


Learning English for private use
learning English for business










First of all, I believe that everybody knows that English is THE BUSINESS language of the world.

There is not a CEO or head of state, (exceptions to the rule are always possible) that don’t speak English. At every International Airport, every good Hotel, every large train station all over the world, people speak English.


  • So the question here for YOU, the reader of this website is: Do your want to learn US English because your want to get a better Job, move up in the corporate world, move to an English-speaking country, have a better live by earning more money because your speak English, or do you just want to understand all those English movies or chat with someone in the World where there is that special someone who speaks a fair amount of English?



In this very moment around 2 Billion people are learning English



2 billion people are learning
2 Billion-people
  • There are currently about 1,5- 2 Billion people all around the world engaged in learning English.By 2020 it will be 2 billion or more learning English.Not Chinese, or Spanish, nor any other language. Many people have found a better job or a better live when they learned the English language because they where able to interact in the English language. It is and will be the language of the world in the future that will hopefully unite the people of this world. Communication is a key factor in our lives.


  • When I lived in NY, a city with so much diversity and different cultures and religious backgrounds as I have never seen before in my live, it was obvious that when so many people from so many countries live in a great city like New York, they have to communicate with each other. And that’s ENGLISH.


  • As we are now 7+ Billion people on this earth, have a global economy, more and more people understand the need to learn the English language. It is essential for their families and their welfare. I even have here in the city where I live, and maybe I did not mention this before, I live in the Philippines, people whose kids who are 3 to 8 years old, some a bit older,their parents only let them speak English at home.


  • If they go to school, many of the private schools only teach in English, not in their native language, which are in reality 600 dialects and most people mix it up with English, it is called Tanglish. In Miami where I also lived, they called it Spanglish.



To learn English is essential for everybody, or is it ?


  • Only if the world adopts some day,ONE common language, we will be able to better understand each other and have a more peaceful world.
  • Is this even possible? Knowing that many countries have sometimes 2 MAIN languages being spoken simultaneously most off the time. For example: In Miami,they speak Spanglish.In the Philippines they speak Tanglish,and in Cyprus, they speak Turkish and Greek combined.The list goes on.


  • Please look at the diagram below. You will see the enormous influence of the English language thru out the world, in the past, but even more in the near FUTURE!
  • It is up to each individual to take the responsibility in his or her hands to learn English for her or him for a better world, so we can all live in peace.
  • This might be wishful thinking and it might take hundreds of years, but why not try. It is easier to change one self, then change others.


  • Thank you for reading this far. I hope that you will have a better Job or a better future by learning English for your and your family! Thank you so much.

The English language in the world
Click To Enlarge Picture



Take action NOW! Start learning in the next 24 hours!

CHANGE your life by learning US English with the NYC app! WHAT are YOU waiting for?

GET THE APP NOW! Just click HERE , and you will,be directed to the NYC store, where you can decide which Level  is BEST for YOU. Thank YOU!



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4 Responses

  1. lilywong

    Hey there, interesting article about learning English via an app. I always have my reservations about apps or tapes when it come to language as I think it’s more about practice. But as the NYC English app is used so widely, and it seems like a fun program, I will definitely give it a shot. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Tom

      Hi Lily Wong, Thank you very much for your comment! Means a lot, since here in Asia, and thru the ASEAN summit going on, the English language will become bigger and more important then ever! So please give it a shot and a go and I would love to hear from you! I have a presentation in a school today, since kids are our future, and if they learn good English, they will have a brighter and better future! So Thanks again Lily. Tom

  2. chris

    for those who want try the app.. you will not regret it.. its amazing and very interactive..
    learning the language is not a joke.. must be taken it seriously.. i Love this app..
    soooo much!

    • Thomas

      Hi Chris, Thanks for your comment! Exactly it’s a great way to learn English on your terms on any device, anywhere anytime. Tom

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