If you are now ready to purchase NYC English for yourself, then please read below and click any pic, or on the bottom of this page the NYC English logo which will take you directly to the purchase page where you choose your level or levels you wish.Thank you.


There are 3 levels available. BEGINNER / INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED.


Each level is available separately and costs $130.00.You get 3 month access.



  • The BEGINNER Level is for children and or adults who have none or very little English skills. This way you can learn English right from the start the right way.


  • The INTERMEDIATE Level is for persons who have already some knowledge of the English language and or are already practicing English at work, on holidays and believe that they can have a “alright” or “simple” conversation in English.


  • The ADVANCED Level is for people who already have good or very good English skills, but they want to master them in form of writing, pronunciation and or spelling. This is truly for people who already speak and comprehend English well.



The best part comes now. If you are not sure which level you should purchase, NYC makes it easy for you, because you can purchase 2 levels at a cost of $260.00 and get 1 months for FREE.

       If you buy 2 levels, lets say Beginner + Intermediate, then you will receive 1 month FREE and have access to both levels for 7 months, instead of only 6 months, if you had bought each level separately.

Intermediate & Advanced is also available combined, which also includes an additional 1 month for FREE.














For people who are completely new to the English language or parents who want their children to truly learn the English language from the very start as a Beginner, and become a true master of the English language, NYC has all 3 levels available and you will receive access to ALL 3 levels for 12 months, for only $ 390.00.


You pay for 9 months and you get 3 months for FREE!        

You have now access for 12 month to all 3 levels. This is by far the best deal you can get. Basically you are paying approximately only $1 a day.



For people who want to truly master the English language, it will most likely take 6-12 month to do that. About 1 hour a day will be great. If you can spend more time with NYC, then please do, since PRACTICE does makes us perfect.

We accept Pay-Pal, all major Credit cards, e wallet and Bank transfer. Once you have paid, it might take up to 24 hours to receive you are link per e-mail. It just depends on you are time-zone you are in.

If you have any questions, I mean ANYTHING you want to know or don’t understand about the app or are wondering how something works, please do not hesitate to contact me.



PLEASE CLICK on the -NYC ENGLISH for life- logo. It will take you directly to the purchase page.




if you are still not 100% convinced that NYC English is for you, please watch this video.





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