The Truth About NYCB English-SCAM or NOT?

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With this post I want to write about MY personal experience with NYCB English, which really has nothing to do with NYC English! NYCB just used and abused the NYC English app and its whole purpose, that teaches people NY English!

  • This company was set up as a MLM company in Thailand by Gael. This guy wanted to make a lot of money with the mother company, called NYC English. His intentions in the beginning might have been “good” or in other words, to actually HELP people to learn English, but in the end (the company does NOT exist anymore, or at least NO longer works with NYC English) it was a bust, as another MLM company wanted to get rich fast, but never intended to do a good or FAIR JOB in the long run!!
NYC English has nothing to do with NYCB !
  • To put it simply, NYC English created my Mark E. took many years to develop and Millions of dollars were spent on this learning tool. It won an Award and actually is worth every penny, since my daughters English did improve in the one years she used it.

  • To be fair, I actually thought that it was a good idea to market an APP like NYC per MLM method, since there are so many ways( and many different apps/tools/websites) to learn English, that an app that costs money, does have a hard time in getting recognition out there in the internet cosmos of Billions of internet users!

  • The problems from MY point of view were the following:  I purchased the 1 year for $300,00 and the commission of $ 90.- was waived, since I was an associate. So far so good.

  • Instead of doing the USUAL MLM thing and going out to find other Associates, I created this website to 1st find Real Customers who would purchase the app and than ASK these customers to become Associates and try to find other customers and associates, since now THEY understood the value of this app. It is a reverse method, that I thought would work. Well it did NOT.

WHY, you are asking?

  • Simple. All NYCB focused on, and most MLM companies do exactly THAT, is find other Associates to buy into the products and sell the idea and the product. Wonderful is it not?
  • Well after about 5-7 month into this journey, NYCB decided to have a SALE, which was a great idea, but instead of doing it on BLACK FRIDAY, or have it for a very limited time, it just started and ended. The people who purchased it before where now probably a bit pissed, because now you got 24 month for $390.-!!

IT DID NOT STOP HERE. Now it really got Crazy!

  • What happened now, was just basically insane. They decided to implement COACHING. Not that this is NEW or crazy, but they way they did it, was amateur like and not thought thru! I can not remember what exactly, they wanted the now COACHES (no longer we were Associates!) to do, but it involved not only keeping  in touch with the customers, but it meant spending a certain amount of time with them on the app and TEACHING them better English.

THE APP WAS ACTUALLY DOING THAT BY ITSELF !! Without a teacher nor a coach! Maybe that’s why it cost so much to develop?

  • All that was forgotten by the people who started the NYCB business!
  • In the last month of its existence, NYCB introduced jet another pricing plan, which just BLEW my mind and from that point on, I just decided to stay away from NYCB.
  • What they did was change the pricing from 24 month for $390.-,  to 3 month (including a coach of course) for also $390.- !!! So what was before sold for 12 month, than for 24 month, was now sold for 3 month!

  • That can only be described as an idiotic move, or a scam. Instead of consulting smart people in the industry, (not me) who had many years of experience with MLM, they decided to drive NYCB into the ground! (Or its getting there)
  • It took the owner, which I believe is Gael, several month to pay me my $90.- commission, since I did sell ONE 12 month course!


  • NYC English had and has a great product. NYCB was a disaster to happen and it did! Only about ONE year later they are NO MORE!
  • Just the other day, I found what the actual one year app costs, if I purchase it thru NYC Directly, since eventually, (it took several emails to NYC support) the founder, Mr.Mark Emerson send me an email which said: Send on Dec.30.2018

Records indicate that you purchased a software license of New York City English from a marketing company based in Thailand named “NYCB”.   (similar name, but NOT our company)  Is this the group who sold you the license?If yes, we must inform you that NYCB no longer sells licenses of our software. 

However, if you want, we will be happy to sell you an extension to your license.  A standard annual license fee is $90.  Would you like us to extend your license?

Best regards,


NYC English

So all in all CUSTOMERS paid $390,00 thru NYCB, who’s real or actual value was $90,00 ! Which is definitely worth it. But where did the $300 go? We will never know.

Thanks for reading this! Hope you learned something and enjoyed this post.

Being involved with several MLM companies in the past 25 years, or as the prefer to call themselves, NETWORK MARKETING Companies, I would have to say, that the vast majority is a bunch of crap and I will NOT join another one anytime soon! Even that some like CTFO, who sells CBD OIL products, do NOT have a monthly minimum, it still benefits from ANYBODY, who sells their products in the US. Still they DO NOT CARE about their Associates! Long story, so IF you want to know more, just ask me.

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